Charity Auction Ideas

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Charity Auction Ideas

Silent Auctions are a great fundraising technique for any charity or organisation, but it’s important to be strategic with what auction prizes you would like to include for your auction! Superstars will be on hand every step of the way with this element, we will recommend items that are currently selling well and are a hit with any audience.

In this blog article, we’ve created a breakdown of our products and how they can directly impact the fundraising potential of your auction. Take a look now at our charity auction prize ideas!

Signed Memorabilia

What is Memorabilia?

Memorabilia is anything that has been signed or is an actual prop relating to memorable people or events. The beauty about memorabilia is that it’s timeless yet at the same time forever changing, we recommend including a variety into your event! Superstars have the biggest memorabilia product selection in the industry, so whether your audience loves sport, history, music, tv… you name it, our range will cover it!

Depending on your event audience Superstars will be able to recommend items which are suitable.

Why are memorabilia pieces popular?

Whether it’s a sentimental piece or a collectable, memorabilia is a must and is always of interest to guests. It can also be seen as a smart investment, for example, we have memorabilia of current world champion Lewis Hamilton which is highly collectible. We also have historic memorabilia pieces, such as Winston Churchill signed letters which are extremely rare.

How do I know your Memorabilia pieces are legit?

As memorabilia can be extremely popular and can hold a lot of value it’s important that all memorabilia pieces are fully authentic. We are AFTAL registered and work alongside Garry King, the UK’s leading authenticator. Having security and reassurance of a memorabilia piece guarantees more success at your event and give your audience and yourself peace of mind.


Art requires specific taste to different audiences and a selection of artwork in your event is very beneficial. From contemporary artists such as Daniel Mernagh and Paul Normansell to classical artists such as Dali and Matisse, we have a plethora of artists with something to suit all audiences and price range. Superstars continuously invest in privately commissioned contemporary artwork to help maximise profit at charity events. Art pieces are beautiful items to include in your event, for live events we set up a displaystand full of our products, having a selection of artwork really draws your audience in to take a closer look!

Why is artwork popular?

Art is a beautiful thing, to one person it can mean one thing, and to another can mean something completely different. It can be so personal if your audience finds a piece that speaks to them they have to have it! As there are so many art tastes out there choosing art for your event can be difficult, our Superstars knowledge of our best sellers and most popular with the audience will guarantee bids. One more special thing about a selection of our artwork is that we have privately commissioned art pieces. This means they are exclusive to Superstars and you can’t purchase these one-of-a-kind pieces anywhere else.

How do I know your artwork is legit?

For all of the suppliers and artists we work with, Superstars make it a priority that full provenance and authenticity is provided. We work with a few selected partners who are extremely trusted within the industry ensuring quality and genuine artwork is provided.

art work

Luxury gifts/items

If your audience loves vintage wine, diamond jewellery and designer handbags our luxury gifting options are a win-win. We find that our luxury gifting products are often bought as presents! In an auction it’s good to have as much variety as possible, you never know who might be celebrating an upcoming anniversary or birthday! Superstars suggest a few choices from our wine selection, jewellery selection, and our most recent addition children’s toys. Including a Mercedes SLS AMG Electric Ride-On car… suitable for all ages!

Why are luxury gifts popular?

At your event, it’s impossible to know the celebrations that your guests have coming up, whether it’s their own or a friend or families. Luxury gifts are always needed in auctions, simply because they are something that every person buys multiple times a year. For your supporters there’s no better way to buy a luxury gift, as this way they get to support your charity too.

How do you ship luxury items?

Along will all of our products, it is our priority to deliver all winning items safe and sound. Luxury gifts, such as wines and champagne will be looked after by our shipping department. They will carefully wrap all fragile products using our specially ordered padding and send them via our insured and tracked courier service.

luxury gifts


If you’re looking for auction items that can really grab people’s attention, look no further than our experience selection. We’ve spent years creating bespoke packages that are desirable and in that time have curated over 50 packages that cover your audiences’ interest. Ranging from sport to culinary, beauty to wine tastings, entertainment to bucket list experiences. A variety of all of our experiences are a great option for your auction and offer fantastic fundraising potential.

Why are experience packages so popular?

Our experience packages are something that you wouldn’t usually do in day to day life. They offer excitement, sentiment, and something you’ve always wanted to do. Much like our luxury gifts, they are wonderful items to give (and to receive) for a special occasion. With a variety of experiences in your auction, your supporters will be spoilt for choice. Whether it’s a dream wine tasting trip in Bordeaux, a professional makeup workshop at Charlotte Tilbury, or a trip to Germany to drive round the famous Nurburgring track, Superstars will have you covered.

Why are our experiences so popular?

Superstars believe that your life is best fulfilled when doing things that you love. In this day and age, nothing is impossible and every year we introduce new and exciting experiences for your supporters to try. As we take so much time and care into putting these packages together, we find that year on year the same supporters keep coming back for more!

Superstars also have an in-house bookings team that communicate with our suppliers to book your winning bidders experience, all they have to do is let us know what date they would like to go and we organise the rest! All of our experiences come as a luxury gift wrapped voucher, filled with all the information regarding the experience and a personalised letter – these make the most beautiful gifts!

Luxury Holidays

Short haul or long haul they are a showstopping item to attract a lot of attention for your event. It can be difficult to find a fantastic hotel with outstanding service, beautiful rooms, and of course a breath-taking location, here at Superstars we carefully pick all of our hotel stays to make your audience dream of being there!

Why are our Luxury hotel stays so popular?

Superstars offer luxury hotel stays at discounted prices. The validity is extremely flexible and around the world options are in comparison to that of a top travel site!

luxury hotel

In conclusion

We hope that you will use the ideas we provided and successfully organise your auction with our help. In case you would like to learn more about other aspects of the auction, check our charity auction guide.



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